There is a special southeast asian fruit called Durian. If you crack open the peel there arises the most foul smell, making this fruit banned from hotels. It has a unique taste that cannot be explained in words. After eating it a few times and acquiring its taste, you will never be able to forget its soft butter like taste and sweet flesh. When the french restored the Indo-china peninsula they said, 'we are not reluctant to lose Indo-China, but we are reluctant to lose Durian.'

There are many people like Durian. Their personalities are rough and cold so it may be difficult to befriend them, but when you discover their inner heart, there are people whose flavors are very precious and beautiful. Rather than being common and good from the beginning, it is more wishful to get to know a person who can be a life long friend, although at first they may be difficult and malicious. There are many friends in IYF with such deep stories.

Especially through the friendships that are made through the world camp, there are many instances of them going to their friends country. In the world, it isn't only the color of the skin or language that is different, but there are so many countries with different cultures, manners and ways of thinking. Our country cannot be the standard of good and evil. How can those thousands of different people spend many days at a camp together.
If we just open our hearts, it is through the heart that we understand each other. From then, although the language and culture is different, it is not a problem. Communication is possible through gestures and body language and one comes to care for another. This allows them to break free from their mold and become 'us,' a happy family that looks upon the world with eyes of love. Through this world camp of hope and change, leaders of the world are being prepared.

[Seoul Camp- Camp of meeting and culture]
After the completion of the impressive opening ceremony, movement will be in teams. Team A will begin their camp in Seoul, a city of culture and history of the last remaining breathe of the 500 year reign of the Chosun dynasty in the Hanyang courts. Visiting such places as the Kyungbuk Palace, Cheonggye Stream, Nam mountain's Seoul Tower, and others, is a meeting of Seoul's past in the present. Tasting Seoul with foreigners is the beginning of our encounter and cultural experience. The teachers and students in Korea will have to have a volunteering mind set for foreign friends. Then, ddukbokki, ramen, kimbab, and main dishes such as soup and rice, suhlung tang, and traditional foods will become an important cultural experience for the foreigners. They will also need thoughtful consideration towards friends who are new to the bible seminars. According to the atmosphere and union of the class and team, the breadth and depth of the cultural experience will be affected, but as the motto of IYF, 'challenge, change, and cohesion,' is engraved day by day, and each others hearts are connected, it will be a camp with many precious memories and stories.

[Kangnung Camp - A Camp of Nature and Abnegation Training]
While eating and sleeping at the IYF Kangnung center, it is a time to be captivated by the beautiful nature of Sorak mountain, the beaches, and the Dae-gwan-ryung. Just like the east cost beaches with deep blue and clear waters and clean sand that looks as if they were washed and spread, if our hearts were washed by love and were to grow green with hope, we would be able to accept others hearts and give happiness like these beaches.
Bible seminar, guest lectures, performances, cultural experiences, sight seeing, within the World Camp's colorful program, we can feel ourselves becoming closer day by day. The Saturday marathon heightens the taste of the camp. As one runs, the air intake increases and ones breath shortens, but as they exceed their limits and finish the run, the happiness as if having gained the world rushes in.
The fantastic rocks and stones of Sorak mountain, enchanting, the picturesque pine trees rooted and growing in the rocks...greater than the beautiful nature God has created as we enter our hearts with open hearts, it is so beautiful and cannot be expressed in words. As we converse closely with nature, we overcome our limits and the time we spend confronting the word ripens our friendship and fills our youth with dreams.

[Kimchun Camp - International Exchange Camp]
After the Seoul and Kangnung camps, the scattering throughout the nation for Homestay presents a special happiness. When visiting the Korean home one can experience Korean manners and their kindness, and visit regional sites and taste traditional food. Even the toughest hearts cannot help but melt like icecream before the continuos love. After the hearts have become close through these many things, there is the last course, which is at Kimchun. The Kimchun camp is a time to organize the meaning of the camp in ones heart. One will enjoy rafting, mini-olympics, sight seeing at the Soo-sung tower, the Korean speech contest, mini-Culture(a miniature of the world cultural exhibition), and Goodnews Corps information session. The times we would like to tie down that reluctantly but nevertheless pass by lead us to the night of the closing ceremony. With hearts that juggle between the happiness and reluctance to end, show as the glittering fireworks against the night sky. The program at the camp passes by like a fast stream, but what remains in the heart? Amidst such fun if one were to learn the world of the heart with love and hope, the participants will all become lights that shine in this dark world and go throughout the world and share the love and hope they have received through this camp. After the camp is over, all will say, "The IYF World Camp was a school where we learned the world of the heart."

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